Adding characters and investment plans

07/23/2019 07:35:00

Hey dragon fans,
After testing we are happy to announce on the start of gaming tasks development, adding characters and investment plans.
The testing had been successful and we have managed to improve all bugs which are sure to have been encountered during the gaming platform development. So we announce for now that we have three characters which can be purchased and bring profit to you. There characters are RHAEGAL, VISERION and DROGON. Minimum investment sum on all of them makes 3USD or approximate equivalent in cryptocurrency. You can check “Make deposit” section to learn more details on the crypto equivalents and details of purchase.
But these three ones is not the end, we will continue developing others as soon as the project will gain popularity. You are invited to participate in their creation. We will be happy to listen to your ideas. Those ideas who will turn out to be the most successful ones will get some bonuses which will be deposited to your account and might be used for further investment or withdrawal.
So think over and be sure that your creativity if it is on the best level might bring you some return as well. We will be happy to review all suggestions on this matter and reward the best ones.
Stay and earn with us and follow our updates.

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