Development of Dragon Kingdom platform has started!

05/22/2019 14:25:00

Hi, dear dragons fans. Glad to inform you that we have launched the development of Dragon Prophesy gaming platform.
As soon as our platform is ready you will be able to plunge into the world of ancient times, the world of warriors and mighty knights fighting dragons, cultivating crops and building immense castles and making money from it.
We are still in process of various earning options development, but we can warrant that our game will be the combination of blockchain technologies and knowledgebase of ancient times, by thus providing the best gaming impression and the most convenient earning opportunities.
So get ready to explore the world of our late ancestors, grow your preferred characters and get profit from them. Yes, you had not been misheard. You can select any character you like depending on its options and skills, as well as the amount of earning opportunity, which suit your needs best of all.
Plus, you will be able to select various tasks related to crops cultivation, picking up the required materials and castles building.
Hope you will be satisfied and remember to follow our further updates.

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